queen st - exeter’s premium dining destination

From dawn ‘til dusk and to supper and beyond, Queen St is the perfect location for Exeter’s food-loving residents and city visitors to sample the finest fare from local food heroes and unique cuisines in cool casual dining destinations.

Queen St is set within Charles Fowler’s neo-classical façade, which has been lovingly and painstakingly restored. This will at last allow this iconic building to benefit from the patronage it was originally built for. Three public spaces within Queen St have been re-invented, including Market Square, which sits at the heart of this premium dining destination. Bordered by amphitheatre-style seating areas, and overlooking the stunning 13th-century St Pancras Church, the cafés and restaurants spill out, continental style, onto the modernised square home to regular artisan food markets, spectacular events and live entertainment.

At Queen St, you can start your day with an artisan coffee and end your evening with a nightcap on the roof deck. All tastes, for all times will be discovered within this destination.

Queen St is a unique space for its restaurateurs to thrive and create inviting spaces that allow you to relax and enjoy every single moment of your eating or drinking experience – in whichever restaurant, café or bar you choose to dine in. Queen St is set to become the hottest dining ticket in Exeter. With eight restaurants, all new to the city, opening in August 2016, Queen St will become the go-to place in the city for diners, grazers and shoppers to meet, eat and socialise, or just sit and enjoy a fine wine and watch the world go by.


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