The Guildhall Shopping Centre- Exeter's indoor shopping centre.

From dawn ‘til dusk, The Guildhall Shopping Centre is the perfect location for Exeter’s shopping and food-loving residents.  Sample the finest fare from big name food heroes and unique cuisines in cool casual dining destinations while popping into town for a shop or a play.

The Guildhall also has a great leisure offering, from our affordable community play space for under 7’s called Little Exeter or Axe Throwing and other competitive spots in Boom Battle Bar.


The Guildhall Shopping Centre can be found in the centre of Exeter and is comprised of a large covered shopping centre as well as a eating area off Queen street. Queen Street entrance is set within Charles Fowler’s neo-classical façade, which has been lovingly and painstakingly restored.

Three public spaces within the original building have been re-invented, including Market Square, which sits at the heart of this premium dining destination. Bordered by amphitheatre-style seating areas, and overlooking the stunning 13th-century St Pancras Church, the cafés and restaurants spill out, continental style, onto the modernised square home to regular artisan food markets, spectacular events and live entertainment.

The Guildhall Shopping Centre is a unique space for its brands to thrive and a great place to relax and enjoy every single moment of your shopping, eating or drinking experience – in whichever shop, restaurant, café or bar you choose.


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